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Metadata with information on variable availability in the SwedPop extraction tool: metadata

SwedPop have harmonized three areas into common coding systems: Occupational titles, Cause of death and Parish information.

Occupations titles
Occupational titles are coded using the international coding system HISCO. Methods and principles are described in SwedPop Documentation: Principles of Coding Swedish Historic Occupations.pdf. A complete list of standardized occupational titles, codes and descriptions of unit groups can be found in the document HISCO codes and description.pdf.

Principles of Coding Swedish Historic Occupations

HISCO codes and description

Cause of death
Cause of death is coded in a modified version of the classification system ICD-10. Not all causes of death can be coded in this system, and we are currently working on implementing an international historical system of coding causes of death. Principles of coding is described in the document SwedPop Documentation: Principles of Coding Historic Cause of Death.pdf. A complete coding scheme can be found in the document Cause of Death – Code Scheme.pdf.

Principles of Coding Cause of Death

Cause of Death – Code Scheme

Parish information
Swedish parishes have been coded according to NADD. The coding is described in SwedPop Parish and County Register Documentation.pdf together with the codes for the historical counties. In the document SwedPop Parish Register.pdf, the encoding of NAPP for Swedish parishes are defined.

SwedPop Parish and County Register Documentation

SwedPop Parish Register

DDB  Version IDS: 1.0 

Version base KBGrund:  6.3.1 

Date: 2021-06-18 



DDB Parishes in IDS




SEDD  Version: IDS 1.0 

Date: 2021-06-18 



Hög församling  1829-1910 
Kågeröds församling  1813-1910 
Halmstads församling  1821-1910 
Sireköpinge församling  1821-1910 
Kävlinge församling  1829-1910 



SweCens  Version:  

Version IDS: 1.0 

Date: 2021-06-18 


Censuses: 1880, all parishes in Sweden 

GOPP  No data 
Roteman  No data