FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions  


Using the data extract system Frigg 

You have to be a registered user to extract data. SwedPop data is free of charge, but any publications or presentations in any form using SwedPop data must be acknowledged.  

Start by selecting databases, cohort criteria and variables, then select in what format you want the dataset in. Your dataset will appear on dashboard with name, timestamp and a button to download the dataset. The data is downloadable for four days. If you want to access the same dataset after four days you can click the name of the dataset and continue. This will be a new dataset. 

What format are the data in? 

Currently, the format available is IDS format. The dataset is in five different tables plus codebook and documentation. By default, the extraction system generates zipped csv data files that can be imported into different statistical packages.  

In the future, rectangular format willl be available. 

Why are some variables in my data extraction preselected? 

Some variables are standard in all datasets and will automatically be included, for example identifying from what database the data is extracted from, identity number of the individual, source and timestamps. Other variables have additional variables attached which are needed for the complete information, for example the occupational HISCO variables comes with three variables (hisco code, relation and status) even though it’s only possible to select one.  

How long does a data extraction take? 

Download time is dependent on the size of the dataset and technical factors such as the number of simultaneous downloadsThe system sends an e-mail when the dataset is ready to be downloaded. 

Can I recreate an old data extraction?  

Selections for datasets are saved and possible to recreate or modify. Data in the dataset can be different if later versions of data are released. Current version number of each database is displayed on dashboard and downloaded datasets have version information in the metadata table. 

What may SwedPop data be used for? 

SwedPop data may be used for scientific research, subject to European Union and national data protection laws and the SwedPop Terms and Conditions of Use. 

Is there information on place of residence in the database? 

Yes, information on place of residence and time periods of residence is found in table INDIV_CONTEXT.