Renewed VR-support to SwedPop

Renewed support from the Swedish Research Council 2023-2026

Recently the Swedish Research Council announced that SwedPop was one of the research infrastructures that received renewed support within the call Research infrastructure of national interest. The grant of SEK 29,234,000 to SwedPop for the period 2023-2026 is happy news for the project and a confirmation of good work.

– It is very gratifying and a proof of that our work within the project holds a quality that comes out well in fierce national competition, says Elisabeth Engberg, director of CEDAR.

This grant will enable us to further develop and finish the work that has be ongoing since 2018, building a researchinfrastructure of international relevance, increasing, and improving effective access to the unique and detailed Swedish population data for research.

Within the new project the data collection that started in 2018 will be finalized, also including improved access to individual-level income data in the longitudinal databases and an update of mortality data with cause of death, for the pandemic years 1917-1920. The data extraction tool will be updated with additional output formats, and there will be increased emphasis on advanced user support and training.